Danny Pratt is a singer, songwriter, record producer and performance-poet based in Canberra where he was raised. Danny Pratt has been writing, playing and performing music since he was a child, moving along the dedicated path of artistry. 


Out of high school Danny Pratt moved to Sydney where he studied audio engineering.

In 2010 he moved overseas, living in Milan and London where he collaborated with Grammy nominated two piece Zero7. Along with Body Rockers producer and singer Dylan Burns, working together on his debut single Antidote.


In 2013 Danny Pratt moved to LA to develop his emerging musical career, collaborating with

Australian mainstay electronic house band Miami Horror on their song ‘Dark Love .feat

Danny Pratt’. That was also featured on the hit Fox/Netflix series ‘Lucifer’ (2016). 


During this time Danny Pratt was writing and recording his debut album with his LA band

DLwithlove alongside award winning film composer Liam Fox O’Brien.


Also of note during this time was an exclusive music video premiere hosted and published by Interview Magazine, for both his solo work and collaborative band



In early 2018 Danny Pratt returned to Australia spending the next year diving deep into a

dedicated and expansive study of music. While also developing his professional base, in his hometown, through collaboration with local artists and venue



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